Incorporating sustainable features

  • The railway stations on the Northern Link all adopt an inclusive design while incorporating green features and unique characteristics that represent the local landscape, history, environment and communities to facilitate the integration of each railway station into the community and further enhance the travelling experience of our passengers.
  • The Northern Link project applies innovative technologies and emerging techniques, such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA), the Modular Construction Method (MiC), as well as the New Engineering Contract (NEC) model, which aims to enhance the efficiency of project management and the project quality.

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Locating at the centre of New Development Areas along the alignment

  • The railway stations on the Northern Link will be located at the centre of New Development Areas along the alignment, connecting the sites of different proposed developments in the area, such as residential, retail, leisure and entertainment, commercial and technology, social services, public transport interchange, etc. This will help unleash the development potential of the land along the alignment by facilitating the development of areas along the alignment and strengthening the connectivity within the Northern Metropolis.
  • Most of the existing and future planned population along the alignment will be within walking distance of the railway stations, offering residents more route alternatives for travelling and alleviating the existing road traffic pressure.

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Adopting an underground railway alignment

  • Provides greater flexibility in utilising and developing above-ground land while posing comparatively fewer impacts on the nearby environment and ecology
  • An underground railway alignment scheme is more conducive to sustainable development

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Future Railway Stations

We embed sustainability in every stage of the Northern Link project delivery, including the planning and construction of the new railway stations to meet future needs, aiming to create the greatest possible value for stakeholders and society. Let’s explore the three main features of the Northern Link project and learn about how they are opening up a world of possibilities for the Northwest New Territories!