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Northern Link to increase the connectivity in Au Tau town

Au Tau is a proposed intermediate station of Northern link that will serve the surrounding territories and strengthen the base of transportation communication in that locality.

This is a sensitive area as here is located highly ecologically valued Sha Po Marsh. That's why we will try our best to use eco-friendly methodology and procedures to make the station. Au Tau station will not only strengthen the communication of the entire area but also will improve the infrastructure of that locality so that in the future, big companies can invest more in that area to open the door to endless opportunities for denizens. From learning opportunities to working and health care opportunities, many more doors will open with this single step. 

Details about the Au Tau station

We have highly experienced and skilled professionals and architects. We will take care of eco-sustainability as well as the benefits of the passengers. The architects and experts are still working on the design of Au Tau station. At present, the processes of primary designs, feasibility studies, ground investigations etc are undergoing. We are working our best to make Au Tau one of the most beautiful and strongest stations.

The location of the Au Tau station is still being planned and our experts are trying to find the perfect location that will help us to build an eco-friendly construction and also will help people to reach the Au Tau station without any hazards. We will make sure to build the Au Tau station at a place that one can reach easily.

About Au Tau town

It is a small town with mesmerizing sceneries and can be the perfect destination for holidays. Just because of fewer transportation options, people cannot travel there easily and that's how Au Tau is losing its charm. But not anymore! The station built by Northern link will re-energise the entire locality and help tourists to visit this amazing town located in a mountain col in eastern Yuen Long.

Have you ever imagined what the name even means and what is the history of that place? Let's unleash the meaning of Au Tau. It is the geographical location of a mountain col. Back in the ancient period, this town was the boundary between Yuen Long and Kam Tin. Here, tourists can visit Hung Mo Kiu and Ko Path. Hung Mo Kiu is the middle stream of the Kam Tin River. It is actually an iron bridge made by British troops and Ko Path is located just below it.

This countryside town is blessed with amazing scenery and friendly people. Here are a few schools located and one of those is Au Tau secondary school which has a history spanning over a century. It still carries the history of the British colonial period.

Why Au Tau station?

When we will complete building the station in that area, the overall infrastructure will improve and it will boost the lives of people living there and also the people within the territory and outside will have an amazing countryside destination for their holidays along with good connectivity options.

The people of the town now have to go through hustle and bustle to reach the main city. Whether it is for education, healthcare or for work, all are required to travel and for them, the Au Tau station will be really beneficial as they will be able to go to the central city within a few minutes without the on-road hassles. 

MTR- The tailor of New, advanced Au Tau

We have the most proficient and experienced team of engineers and architects as well as trustworthy suppliers to build the Au Tau station. Our motto is to make the station without harming nature and the ecosystem of the locality and improve the socio-economic condition of that area by increasing the transport connectivity. 


Au Tau Station

The proposed Au Tau Station is one of the intermediate stations on the Northern Link, which will mainly serve surrounding communities. Knowing the highly ecologically valued Sha Po Marsh is located in Au Tau, while developing the new railway, we will make our best endeavours to protect the environment, ensuring the sustainability of the ecology in the area.


Station design

Planning and design works for Au Tau Station, including preliminary design, feasibility studies, ground investigation, etc., are underway. Stay tuned for updates!

Station location

The exact location of the station is currently being planned.

If you have any questions or views regarding the station, please let us know with this feedback form or contact us.

*All drawings and visuals are provided for concept illustration only. The content is subject to change as the planning and design works are still in progress.

Connecting past, present and future

Au Tau, located in a mountain col in eastern Yuen Long, is a small town with captivating countryside scenery. Why not visit Au Tau on your holidays and explore the nature and charm there as much as you want!

History and origin of the name

The Chinese characters for Au Tau mean the geographic location of a mountain col. In ancient times, Au Tau was the boundary between Yuen Long and Kam Tin, and it is now the name of the area near the boundary.


Hung Mo Kiu and Ko Po Path

Hung Mo Kiu traverses the middle stream of the Kam Tin River. It was initially a temporary iron bridge built by British troops stationed in Hong Kong, whom the villagers later referred to as "Hung Mo Guai" i.e. "red-haired ghosts". Hence, Hung Mo Kiu i.e. "bridge of the red-haired ghosts" was named after it. Ko Po Path is located below Hung Mo Kiu.

This photo shows the viaduct of Tuen Ma Line, which is located near Hung Mo Kiu, traversing Kam Tin River and Ko Po Path.


History of Au Tau Primary and Secondary School

Founded in 1904, Yuen Long Government Primary School has a history spanning over a century. Originally built in a style with red bricks, the exterior walls have now been covered in white paint. Yuen Long Public Secondary School was established in 1949 and funded by the local gentry of Yuen Long, it is the oldest secondary school in the New Territories. The original site of Yuen Long Public Secondary School was formerly the Yuen Long Au Tau Police Station. It was built during the British colonial period with a large number of British troops stationed, which has served as the symbol of taking over the New Territories on behalf of the United Kingdom. Currently, it is the site of the Tung Hwa Group of Hospitals (TWGHs) C Y Ma Memorial College.