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The proposed Au Tau Station will mainly serve the housing development sites around Sha Po. The Northern Link will improve the traffic services for existing and future communities, thereby enhancing the transport connectivity between Au Tau and its surrounding areas. We attach great importance to the Sha Po Marsh, which is of high ecological value. In implementing the Northern Link and constructing Au Tau Station to facilitate travel by citizens, we will continue to make our best endeavours to protect the nearby environment, ensuring the sustainability of the natural ecology in the area.

Station Location

The proposed Au Tau Station is located near San Tam Road, adjacent to housing development sites around Sha Po as well as future public facilities in the area. Upon service commencement of Au Tau Station, the majority of the population in the area will be distributed within walking distance of the proposed Au Tau Station, making it easier for residents to walk to the station to take the efficient, convenient, and low-carbon railway services, thereby providing them with more travelling options.

* All drawings and visuals are provided for concept illustration only. The content is subject to change as the planning and design works are still in progress.

Station Entrance / Exit

The proposed Au Tau Station will have entrances and exits close to existing communities and future developments in the area, including future public transport interchange and housing development sites around Sha Po.

* All drawings and visuals are provided for concept illustration only. The content is subject to change as the planning and design works are still in progress.

Station Explained

  • How was the location of Au Tau Station determined?

    When planning the location of Au Tau Station, we have carefully studied and examined various factors to complement the developments of the community, including population distribution and growth of the area, current and future planning and housing development, etc. Au Tau Station will be located near planned and existing housing developments around Sha Po, with a view to facilitating residents reach Au Tau Station on foot.

    In addition, one of the critical considerations in determining the station location is the natural ecological environment in the area. Noting the high ecological value of Sha Po Marsh, we have avoided locating the station near the relevant areas. We will also undertake appropriate measures throughout the delivery of the Northern Link project to ensure the sustainability of the local ecology.

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  • How will the entrance / exit locations of Au Tau Station be determined?

    When planning the entrance / exit locations of Au Tau Station, we have carefully studied and examined various factors, including the need to set up the entrances / exits and relevant facilities at locations with a relatively high pedestrian flow, the need to complement the nearby pedestrian network and its ancillary facilities, the walking distance of passengers, pedestrian traffic during peak hours, environmental factors, technical feasibility, etc.

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Station Design

Au Tau Station is an underground station with two levels. The platform level is located in the basement, while the station entrances / exits are located on the ground floor, providing passengers with convenient access to the Au Tau community and to transfer to other means of transportation. Join the 3D virtual tour of the future Au Tau Station!

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  • Construction Challenges

Construction interface coordination and integration

As the Northern Link is a large-scale, complex and challenging project that covers a large geographical area and involves a wide range of stakeholders, there is a need to conduct extensive consultation, address the concerns and balance the interests of various parties.

The proposed Au Tau Station is located near San Tam Road. It is expected that adjoining new developments would share the same or similar construction cycle with the Northern Link project in the area, including housing developments around Sha Po. Therefore, compared to general construction works, it may take longer for the project team to coordinate and communicate with various project owners, such as Government departments, public utility organisations and the relevant stakeholders, etc., on the detailed design options and construction arrangements. This includes handling matters related to construction interface integration, like the details of road construction or widening works to meet construction and future travel needs, to ensure various projects are complementary to each other and can be delivered in a timely and smooth manner to serve the community.

In addition, the proposed Au Tau Station is located near various public utilities such as power cables, cable towers, sewage pumping stations, etc. We may be required to carry out protection works for these utilities before the commencement of works and closely monitor the excavation process to ensure the operation of these utilities will not be affected. The project team will also implement a series of mitigation measures as necessary to minimise potential impacts on the public, the surrounding community and the environment.


Do you know the inspiration for the Au Tau Station theme colour?

The Northern Link connects neighbourhoods with abundant nature, beautiful scenery and historic buildings. When developing the theme colours and designs for each station, we have taken these communities’ unique styles, history and local landmarks as essential sources of inspiration. We hope the new stations can integrate harmoniously into the community while driving new developments.

The primary colour of Au Tau Station represents fishponds near the station. Colours echoing the surrounding environment of the fishponds, as well as the aquatic ecologies are also used as highlights for the station design. With the skilful use of the various shapes, forms and colours inspired by the fishponds near Au Tau Station in the internal and external design of the station, travelling on the Northern Link will be a remarkable journey to experience the distinctive culture and characteristics of the community as passengers will feel as if they are wandering around the fishponds and enjoying their landscapes.

*All drawings and visuals are provided for concept illustration only. The content is subject to change as the planning and design works are still in progress.

Join the 3D virtual tour of the future Au Tau Station

Connecting past, present and future

Au Tau, located in a mountain col in eastern Yuen Long, is a small town with captivating countryside scenery. Why not visit Au Tau on your holidays and explore the nature and charm there as much as you want!

History and origin of the name

The Chinese characters for Au Tau mean the geographic location of a mountain col. In ancient times, Au Tau was the boundary between Yuen Long and Kam Tin, and it is now the name of the area near the boundary.


Hung Mo Kiu and Ko Po Path

Hung Mo Kiu traverses the middle stream of the Kam Tin River. It was initially a temporary iron bridge built by British troops stationed in Hong Kong, whom the villagers later referred to as "Hung Mo Guai" i.e. "red-haired ghosts". Hence, Hung Mo Kiu i.e. "bridge of the red-haired ghosts" was named after it. Ko Po Path is located below Hung Mo Kiu.

This photo shows the viaduct of Tuen Ma Line, which is located near Hung Mo Kiu, traversing Kam Tin River and Ko Po Path.


History of Au Tau Primary and Secondary School

Founded in 1904, Yuen Long Government Primary School has a history spanning over a century. Originally built in a style with red bricks, the exterior walls have now been covered in white paint. Yuen Long Public Secondary School was established in 1949 and funded by the local gentry of Yuen Long, it is the oldest secondary school in the New Territories. The original site of Yuen Long Public Secondary School was formerly the Yuen Long Au Tau Police Station. It was built during the British colonial period with a large number of British troops stationed, which has served as the symbol of taking over the New Territories on behalf of the United Kingdom. Currently, it is the site of the Tung Hwa Group of Hospitals (TWGHs) C Y Ma Memorial College.