Embedding Sustainability into Each Stage of the Project

We attach great importance to every aspect of sustainable development, and this emphasis can be fully manifested in every stage of the project delivery. We hope to achieve the best balance between project implementation and sustainable development, bringing positive contributions to our future.

  • Air Quality

  • Noise

  • Water Quality

  • Waste Management

  • Land Contamination

  • Ecology

  • Agriculture and Fisheries

  • Cultural Heritage

  • Landscape and Visual

  • Hazard of Life

First stage: Planning and Design

We have commissioned a consultancy firm to carry out planning and design works for the Northern Link project and will conduct timely consultations with different stakeholders. After a thorough review of the needs of various parties, we will formulate a suitable scheme that contributes to the community and the sustainable development of the area while minimising possible impacts on livelihood.

In addition, we will incorporate local features and sustainable elements such as green roofs and natural lighting in station design. In planning for the alignment and rail tracks, we will adopt different construction methods to suit the unique ground conditions in the vicinity to ensure compliance with relevant statutory requirements. We will also conduct an environmental impact assessment (EIA) per the EIA Ordinance, in which we will identify potential impacts of the project and look for other feasible solutions or mitigation measures during the design stage to minimise the possible impacts.

At the same time, we make effective use of digital technology. We have applied Building Information Modelling (BIM) from the planning stage, which makes interior and exterior design clear at a glance, facilitating communication between teams and enhancing productivity throughout the construction cycle.

Second stage: Railway Construction

During this stage, we will strictly implement the plans and the corresponding mitigation measures proposed in the environmental impact assessment report, ensuring all works meet the statutory requirements. We will also further adopt sustainable procurement practices and enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of governance, achieving long-term sustainability in project delivery.

In terms of digital on-site, we are currently studying the application of various new construction technologies and 5G wireless networks at future construction sites to improve the efficiency of team collaboration. For example, the project team can closely monitor team members' safety and health conditions using "Smart Helmet". With electronic portable devices and cameras, the project team can receive, distribute, and manage information faster and more accurately, reducing paper use and significantly improving construction efficiency.

Third stage: Operation and Maintenance

Upon construction completion and service commencement of the Northern Link, citizens will be able to experience the Corporation's efforts in promoting sustainable development. We will study the introduction of a series of innovative technologies to enhance energy efficiency, customer experience, operational efficiency and work quality, such as Smart Maintenance, Smart Facility Management, Smart Mobility and Smart Commuting, etc. We will also practice sustainable development with an efficient operational model, enhancing the quality of life for the public.

Keep Cities Moving Sustainably

Each stage of the Northern Link project delivery embraces the concept of sustainable development and complies with all relevant statutory requirements. In order to strive for perfection, we have been holding regular communication sessions with green groups on various environmental protection issues, providing them with the latest project information, sharing our efforts in this regard, as well as listening to their professional opinions.

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