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Kam Sheung Road Station

The existing Kam Sheung Road Station on the Tuen Ma Line is located at the centre of Yuen Long New Town, and mainly serves the needs of residents in Kam Tin and Pat Heung. Following the completion of the Northern Link, Kam Sheung Road Station will become the interchange station connecting the Northern Link and Tuen Ma Line to facilitate members of the public to travel between different districts and beyond borders.


Station design

Planning and design works for Kam Sheung Road Station on the Northern Link, including preliminary design, feasibility studies, ground investigation, etc., are underway. Stay tuned for updates!

Station location

The proposed Kam Sheung Road Station on the Northern Link will be located next to the existing Kam Sheung Road Station on the Tuen Ma Line. It will be adjacent to the Kam Tin River, the Kam Sheung Road Station property development project, as well as the residential lands of the Kam Tin South Development.

If you have any questions or views regarding the station, please let us know with this feedback form or contact us.

*All drawings and visuals are provided for concept illustration only. The content is subject to change as the planning and design works are still in progress.

Connecting past, present and future

Kam Sheung Road is located in Yuen Long. From exploring historic buildings to visiting local attractions, Kam Sheung Road is a fun place for a holiday getaway!

Naming history of Kam Sheung Road Station

Kam Sheung Road is one of the main roads in Pat Heung, part of Yuen Long district in the New Territories. It connects Kam Tin and Sheung Tsuen, hence the origin of the name. Kam Sheung Road Station was originally intended to be called Kam Tin Station. Yet, given it is situated between Pat Heung and Kam Tin, the station was eventually named Kam Sheung Road, which is the closest road to the station.


Kat Hing Wai

This famous walled village can be traced back to some 500 years to the early settlers of the Tang clan during the Ming Dynasty. With a neat design, Kat Hing Wai follows a traditional style of a walled village.


Yi Tai Study Hall

Situated in Shui Tau Village, Kam Tin, Yuen Long. It was erected by a group of 16 local scholar-gentry from Tang Yi Tai Wui during the Daoguang reign (1821-1850) of the Qing dynasty to accommodate the statues of Man Cheong (God of Literature) and Kwan Tai (God of Martial Arts), which were originally worshipped in the nearby Man Cheong Pagoda. Hence, the study hall was named after them. The school was discontinued after the Second World War. The study hall is a two-hall rectangular building made of grey bricks and rammed earth. The building is enclosed by a wall with entrances at both ends. Unlike similar buildings, the main entrance opens on the side between the two halls. The forecourt of the study hall is paved with white stones, so it is commonly known as "Pak Shek Hong" (White Stone Lane). Yi Tai Study Hall was declared a monument in 1992.