Working together to achieve the project vision

We attach great importance to the views and opinions of stakeholders during the planning and construction stages of new railway projects. Every voice matters and provides us with a motivating force. Understanding the demands and expectations from various sectors of society on project delivery help us better balance the needs of different stakeholders. It is indeed crucial to the long-term sustainable development of our projects and will help us to build the Northern Link to meet the future needs of the society.

Creating value for all our stakeholders

The MTR Corporation has taken an active approach to conducting continuous dialogue with different stakeholders on the Northern Link project. In addition to timely consultation with public and local stakeholders, we liaise closely with various parties to listen to their opinions and share updates, aiming to enhance multiple aspects of the project. Our stakeholders to be engaged include but are not limited to:

Create value for our stakeholders

Academic institutions


Professional bodies

Community organisations


Rural Committees and rural representatives

Green groups

Helping you to know, understand and participate in the Northern Link project

We will actively conduct effective communications and maintain close liaison with different stakeholders via diversified channels and formats. These include consultation papers, Legislative Council and District Council meetings, visits, exhibitions, online media, publications, community events, etc. We look forward to better integration of new railway projects into the community.

Consultation papers

Legislative Council meetings



Online media


District Council meetings

Community events

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Rural and heritage conservation

We have commissioned a consultancy firm to carry out detailed planning and design work for the project in order to minimise the possible impact on residents’ lives, rural Feng Shui, public spaces and facilities. The construction of a new railway may require permanent or temporary acquisition of some rural lands for works purposes. We will actively communicate with villagers and district representatives to respond to their concerns and make concerted efforts for the welfare of the general public. We will discuss details of the construction works with relevant government departments and make our best endeavours to alleviate possible impacts on the surrounding environment where feasible.

Depending on the actual practicable situation, we will also take the opportunity to reinstate or improve some of the existing community facilities to enhance residents’ quality of life. At the same time, we will also work closely with government departments and conservation groups to properly manage any possible impacts on historical monuments in the area.

Construction arrangements

We will make our best endeavours to minimise the possible impacts arising from the project on our stakeholders. In terms of environmental protection, we will closely supervise the contractors to keep their construction sites clean and tidy; and to manage water quality and ecology, as well as to mitigate noise and dust impact. Regarding traffic management, we will commission traffic consultants to formulate temporary traffic management measures, which will be submitted to relevant government departments for review and approval before implementation to minimise the possible impact on road users.

Train service

We have been closely monitoring the carrying capacity of the East Rail Line and the Tuen Ma Line during peak hours. Measures have been implemented to ensure the train frequency can cope with the passenger flow and meet the service demand, for example, by arranging short-haul special trips based on train service situations, deploying Platform Assistants to support the implementation of passenger diversion measures, offering early bird discounts, etc. In addition, we are applying innovative technologies to divert passenger flow, which includes providing a "Train Car Loading Indicator" on all Tuen Ma Line and East Rail Line platforms and via MTR mobile for passengers to choose and board train cars with more space; as well as launching "Cross-Harbour Easy" showing real-time platform conditions in Admiralty Station for passengers to choose their cross-harbour routes.

To meet the travel needs of passengers and enhance the overall public transport and railway network in Hong Kong, we will assess future transport needs and formulate comprehensive interchange arrangements when planning and designing the Northern Link.

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