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MTR Ngau Tam Mei Station will change the lives of rural communities

Located in between the San Tin area of Yuen Long, Ngau Tam Mei is one of the proposed intermediate stations on the Northern Link serving as an interchange station for the rural people of the nearby villages.

The Ngau Tam Mei Station is another proposed intermediate station on the Northern Link. It comes right in between San Tin Station and Au Tau Station. The Ngau Tam Mei Station serves the local community of the new territories. The Ngau Tam Mei village is a small countryside village with mountains surrounding it. It's a beautiful spot for sightseeing. The people of Ngau Tam Mei village make their living from tourism, but after the completion of the northern link, big companies can invest in this area and can unlock millions of opportunities for the residents.

Why Ngau Tam Mei Station?

The proposed plan was that the Ngau Tam Mei Station will adjoin the residential areas and green belt areas together. Being part of the new territories, Ngau Tam Mei used to be an undeveloped countryside with a small village and limited transportation system. The only existing transport services were available to get there were minibusses, buses, and bicycles or small cars. The local denizens had to go through a lot just to reach the main city.

Although in Ngau Tam Mei, there are three main roads named: Ngau Tam Mei Road, Castle Peak Road, and San Tin Highway, there are no railway stations. That's why the government proposed an MTR station in Ngau Tam Mei. When the project is done, it will make everyone's life here at Ngau Tam Mei better. It will also make sightseeing easier for tourists. The project is already in its ground stage, and preliminary design, feasibility studies, and ground investigations are still ongoing.

History of Ngau Tam Mei:

In 1905 people from different parts of the county started to settle in this major village. The village is situated in the eastern suburb of San Tin, Yuen Long. Many people call this place "Yau Tam Mei" after the nearby Yau Tam Mei Village. Now it's Known as the Yau Tam Mei Village. The resident people of the village changed the name after they built a primary school there. They changed the characters from "Ngau Tam Mei" to "Yau Tam Mei" for the school's name. According to the villagers, the name Yau Tam Mei sounds more elegant. Soon afterward, the name of the village was also changed.

The village surrounded by mountains, rivers and family farms is a perfect destination for your holidays. The place also holds many historical and religious values. Ngau Tam Mei has the oldest Thai temple in Hong Kong, Wat Buddhadhamma. In recent times a community-building project called 'art village' was launched to encourage public awareness and knowledge of this rural community. The project included surrounding tours and thematic graffiti walls for the general public. The aim of this project was to enable people to learn the history and the origin of the village.

To a brighter future with MTR Northern Link:

The northern link project connects the past, present, and future. This is why the project includes small villages such as Ngau Tam Mei that hold so many historical values. Ngau Tam Mei consists of many indigenous and non-indigenous villages, and among them, Yau Tam Mei Village is the largest. It is our vision here at MTR to preserve the rural landscape, old traditions and cultures, and the history of our past.


Ngau Tam Mei Station

As one of the intermediate stations on Northern Link, the proposed Ngau Tam Mei Station will serve communities near the future station.


Station design

Planning and design works for Ngau Tam Mei Station, including preliminary design, feasibility studies, ground investigation, etc., are underway. Stay tuned for updates!

Station location

According to the preliminary planning, the proposed Ngau Tam Mei Station is adjacent to residential areas and green belt areas. The exact location of the station is currently being planned.

If you have any questions or views regarding the station, please let us know with this feedback form or contact us.

*All drawings and visuals are provided for concept illustration only. The content is subject to change as the planning and design works are still in progress.

Connecting past, present and future

Ngau Tam Mei consists of several indigenous and non-indigenous villages. Yau Tam Mei Village is the largest village among them, with a well preserved rural landscape, customs and cultures of the past. You will surely experience the splendour of the village when you are there!

Origin of the name

Ngau Tam Mei is located in the eastern suburb of San Tin, Yuen Long. It is also called "Yau Tam Mei" after the nearby Yau Tam Mei Village. When the villagers built the village primary school, they changed the character in the school's name from "Ngau Tam Mei" to "Yau Tam Mei" to make the school's name more elegant. The village's name was also changed accordingly thereafter.


Yau Tam Mei Village

Residents have settled in this major village in Ngau Tam Mei since 1905. In order to encourage public awareness and understanding of this rural community, the "Art Village" community building project was launched in recent years, which includes guided tours for the public and thematic graffiti walls, etc., allowing people to learn more about the stories and history of the village.


China Bible Seminary

Founded by the priest Ruth M. Brittan in 1930 in Jiangwan town of Hongkou District, Shanghai. It later ceased operation and the school reopened in Hong Kong in 1964. The Ngau Tam Mei campus was commissioned in 2014, providing full-time ministry, pastoral education and biblical studies courses.