Railway Alignment

The Northern Link* runs from Kwu Tung Station on the Northern Link located at the Kwu Tung New Development Area, passing three intermediate stations at San Tin, Ngau Tam Mei and Au Tau, with the last stop at Kam Sheung Road Station on the Northern Link.

Along with the development of the Northern Link, various infrastructure projects and new development areas will be completed along the alignment. This will stimulate economic growth and enhance cross-boundary movement, thereby providing new impetus for development and creating a land of possibilities!

* The Northern Link project is still in the planning and design stage. Details of the project, including alignment and station locations, are subject to further study.

Kwu Tung

Kwu Tung Station on the East Rail Line supports the unleashing of the development potential of the surrounding areas, in particular Kwu Tung North, creating new dynamics for the community. The station will be located near the residential, retail, leisure, social services and community facilities planned by the Government to facilitate travel by residents in the vicinity. Looking ahead, through the Northern Link, Kwu Tung Station will connect the Lok Ma Chau Spur Line of the East Rail Line and Tuen Ma Line, enabling easy interchange between the East Rail Line and Tuen Ma Line.

San Tin

Being one of the intermediate stations on the Northern Link, the proposed San Tin Station will be located at the future San Tin / Lok Ma Chau Development Node. The station will serve the public transport needs of the Node and become an essential public transport facility in the area.

Ngau Tam Mei

As one of the intermediate stations on Northern Link, the proposed Ngau Tam Mei Station will serve communities near the future station.

Au Tau

The proposed Au Tau Station is one of the intermediate stations on the Northern Link, which will mainly serve surrounding communities. Knowing the highly ecologically valued Sha Po Marsh is located in Au Tau, while developing the new railway, we will make our best endeavours to protect the environment, ensuring the sustainability of the ecology in the area.

Kam Sheung Road

The existing Kam Sheung Road Station on the Tuen Ma Line is located at the centre of Yuen Long New Town, and mainly serves the needs of residents in Kam Tin and Pat Heung. Following the completion of the Northern Link, Kam Sheung Road Station will become the interchange station connecting the Northern Link and Tuen Ma Line to facilitate members of the public to travel between different districts and beyond borders.

Future system map?

Proposed Northern Link

*All drawings and visuals are provided for concept illustration only. The content is subject to change as the planning and design works are still in progress.