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Railway Scheme of the Northern Link Gazetted

06 - 10 - 2023

The MTR Corporation welcomes the Government's publication of the railway scheme for the Northern Link (NOL) in the Gazette under the Railways Ordinance (Cap. 519). The Corporation will fully support and fulfil the pre-construction statutory procedures to commence construction as scheduled in 2025 for completion in 2034.

As the major transport infrastructure facilitating the development of the Northern Metropolis, the NOL, upon commissioning, will connect the East Rail Line and the Tuen Ma Line, enhancing transport connectivity between the east and west of the New Territories. The NOL will also serve the transport needs of the future Kwu Tung North New Development Area and San Tin Technopole, as well as unleash the development potential of the land along its alignment, including San Tin, Ngau Tam Mei and Au Tau. Currently, it takes about 60 to 80 minutes during peak hours to travel by road-based transport between Kam Sheung Road Station and the area where Kwu Tung Station on the East Rail Line is being constructed. In the future, the journey time between these two areas by taking the NOL will be reduced by approximately 80%.

It is proposed that the NOL will adopt an underground railway alignment and underground station designs, which will help provide more flexibility for the development of future communities in above-ground lands along the alignment, posing comparatively less impact on the nearby ecology.

The Corporation has been maintaining close communication with communities along the alignment and will continue to listen to the views of the public and local stakeholders, aiming to better integrate the new railway project into the community.

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