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New Railways Go Beyond Boundaries - Northern Link Concept Video & 3D virtual tours of future stations!

19 - 06 - 2023

Imagine this, what will happen if the "East" and "West" of the city get closer? Watch the latest Northern Link Concept Video to explore the possibilities the Northern Link will bring!

Watch more: Northern Link Concept Video (30sec)

With the commencement of the construction of Kwu Tung Station on the East Rail Line under the Northern Link project later this year, we are also moving forward at full steam with the planning and design of the approximately 10.7km long Northern Link Main Line, with a target to commence construction in 2025. The future Northern Link will comprise Kwu Tung Station, San Tin Station, Ngau Tam Mei Station, Au Tau Station and Kam Sheung Road Station.

As a major transport infrastructure facilitating the Northern Metropolis development, the Northern Link will connect the East Rail Line and the Tuen Ma Line, providing communities along the alignment with efficient and sustainable railway services.

Journey time will be approximately 12 minutes between Kam Sheung Road and Kwu Tung stations on the Northern Link, which is around five times faster compared to about 60 to 80 minutes for the current road journey during peak hours!

The underground railway alignment and station design of the Northern Link will provide more flexibility for the development of future communities in above-ground lands along the alignment, posing comparatively less impact on the nearby ecology.


In the project delivery, we are actively conducting close communications with stakeholders via diversified channels, hoping the Northern Link project can be better integrated into the community. The Northern Link project website has recently been enhanced to include 3D virtual tours of the five future stations. You can navigate the new stations’ internal and external environment and have a quick glimpse of their design concepts!

Join the 3D virtual tour of the future Northern Link stations now

Note: The station names on the Northern Link are working titles only. As the planning and design works of the Northern Link project are still in progress, all drawings and visuals are provided for concept illustration only, and the content is subject to change.